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Hangzhou Ochiai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Picking machine

Quality oriented, high quality, perfect service win
Times, grand plans, create brilliant.

Slogan: realistic and progressive innovation


Around the concept, we need to do:
* Devote themselves to technology innovation, development and production efforts to the level of the company among the world-class
* Sincerely treat customers, always to provide customers with high-tech products and improve service
* Carefully building the brand, a lawn mower industry's most well-known and most trusted companies
* Love to attract talent, have the best engineering and management staff
* Ambition to develop future fast and steady expansion of our business, achieve economies of scale
Ochiai values:
Technology, the driving force of our progress
Talent is the cornerstone of our development
Customers, is our eternal God
Three awareness:
1, the service of humanity, service to society
2, to promote the industry to contribute to scientific and technological progress
3, with employees, community, government and win-win

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