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Hangzhou Ochiai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  Spring in March domestic foreign trade go hand in hand garden tools  
  Date:2010/12/29 18:25:08  Hits: 6871
      Spring in March, with spring, it is the best time of afforestation. Garden tools as essential to labor and production equipment, garden tools, the major hardware companies started selling all-round start, have become very popular, both at home and abroad began to sing a sales lead. Hedge shears, folding saws, water gun, grass shears, and shovels, trimmers, flowers and other assortment of garden tools rake race debut, and sometimes go hand in hand to form the domestic foreign trade situation in Miami.
Years ago, sales of garden tools Hardware City, the scope of field flowers are mostly farmers, foresters, farmers engaged in agriculture and other objects, and the single product variety, no more than pruning shears, pruning saws, and several common watering etc. series, shape is more is the heavy rough, and even color, generally, only black, gray and white, monotone rigid. However, with government agencies and organizations, industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, schools, enterprises and institutions, and financial tax rise of landscape, garden tools, sales soared, a time when the once-neglected garden tool also went into the millions of households. A class of numerous flowers, gardening hoe and rake, garden spade sickle, the whole hedge cutting, snow shoveling series and so on, and even more large-scale lawn mower, cutting brush cutters, hedge trimmers and leveling machines, comb grass machine , water pump, garden sprayers and so quietly into the homes of ordinary people. Shape on the small simple, not to mention the color, green, sky blue, light yellow and other colors bright light, and attractive at a glance.

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