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  Garden Art Features  
  Date:2010/12/29 18:22:53  Hits: 6691
  One, Garden Art, Nature
Nature as Teacher, the garden contains two layers of content in art. First, the overall layout, combined to meet the natural. The relationship between mountains and water, and the rockery in the peak, streams, slope, the scene of a combination of factors holes, consistent with the objective laws of nature and landscape formation. Second, the image of each combination of landscape scenes to meet the elements of nature. Such as peaks and ridges are composed of many small rockery stone fight using the combination, when Bonding pattern imitation of natural rock vein, to minimize the stack traces of artificial fight. Often the pool of natural twists and turns, ups and downs like compete with. Should be the density and white flowers arranged, form natural. Trees and shrubs are mixed and white, the pursuit of natural rustic charm.
Second, the intervening space, and into the natural
Ancient Chinese garden with a variety of ways to separate the space, which is mainly used to enclosed and separated building space. Sought to separate the space from the perspective of landscape entities breakthrough the limitations of limited space, so that financial in nature, the performance of nature. Therefore, we must deal with form and God, King and emotion, meaning and the environment, virtual and real, dynamic and static, because with the borrowing, true and false, finite and infinite, there is no such law and the various relationships. So, put the park space and natural space open to the integration and expansion. For example Louchuang the use of space distribution, visual flow, and thus must not separated in space from the mutual penetration of the role. In Louchuang to look for, exquisitely carved floral, colorful patterns, has a strong ethnic flavor and aesthetic values; through Louchuang, bamboo swaying blurred, pavilions disappeared the far blue sky Bai Yunfei air travel, resulting in deep and wide realm of space and charm.

Third, landscape architecture, in harmony with nature
Ancient Chinese gardens, hills, water, church, gallery, pavilion, pavilion, floor, table, Pavilion, Pavilion, vegetarian, Fang, walls and other construction. Artificial mountain, Shiwen, caves, stone steps, Shi Feng and so show the natural beauty. Artificial water, the shore turns freely, the water ripples progressive layers, also show the natural scenery. All construction, the shape of God with the sky, underground natural fit, while keeping all parts of the park natural phase, in order to reflect the natural landscape, indifferent, quiet, reserved, artistic features, and received the venue for King, getting better, and so small in the large viewing.

Fourth, trees, flowers, natural performance
Landscape and Western systems, the Chinese ancient garden of trees, flowers and erection of the treatment, pay attention to the performance nature. Towering pine and cypress, the graceful weeping willow shore, where the number of peach blossom, and even freely bending branches, flowers, incense bashing head, the shape of God, which means focusing on the performance and the environment are very natural.
Nature as in harmony with nature, in harmony with nature, the performance of the natural - which is embodied the traditional Chinese garden "Heaven" where the national culture, is independent of the world's most prominent feature of the forest is never a root cause of artistic vitality.

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