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  Lawn weed control initiative  
  Date:2010/12/29 18:21:32  Hits: 6865
Lawn weeds and turf glory, competition for water, nutrients and space competition, affecting photosynthesis lawn, the lawn grow thin, or even dead. Lawn maintenance, weed removal the largest share of the workload. In particular, some prostrate stems, rooting section of the ground or supine weed, man can not eliminate them completely. Pull out the long-term artificial turf, turning the soil, so soil surface to the lower germination of weed seeds, endangering more and more weight, which makes a lot of turf defenders to cope in a passive situation. Weed control in the long grass I study and practice, the creation of a theory of weeding the lawn initiative, the 300 million square meters in the south lawn of the experiment a success.
"Active weeding" is defined
Initiative is for lawn weeding the lawn weeds "overlapping generations" feature, starting from the seed bank of weed control, the use of lawn with weed competition, weed control before the damage, with the potential to prevent weed problems. Active weeding and weeding the difference between regular, active weeding goal is a comprehensive, long-term operation of the weed eradication system; and regular weeding objective is current, short-term, or even meet the inspection of the "emergency" behavior. Active weed management strategies on weed is deceased, one chip, step by step, form the Kaneharu, long-term benefit; and regular weeding strategy to deal with people above sea weed grass, light weight addition to defense, always passive, may not benefit. Include: control of weeds in damage before the competitive advantage of the tree lawn, weed seed bank management, prevention of potential weeds.
Weed Control made the basis for the initiative
1. To get lawn weed control lawn weed control initiative, and make full use of lawn weed competition, weed control lawn quality and growth of the harm. When the grass grows well and is very robust, the turf advantage, if out of a small amount of weed, or manual removal, or the Pharmacy Control in is very easy, very difficult on the lawn weeds harm.
2. To create a quality environment: When the lawn without weeds, or weeds in the lawn of a competitive advantage when the environment of a good lawn can produce economic benefits for people willing to invest in higher levels of lawn maintenance, miscellaneous Grass Control in to get the initiative.
3. Saving time and labor and fertilizer: Weed control has made the initiative, but also from savings in weeding labor, saving water and fertilizer savings. When serious lawn weeds, lawn fertilizer for some or most of weeds absorb sufficient quantities of fertilizer weed breath after the more serious harm, but also a vicious cycle.
Proactive measures to weed
1. Floor space before: anti-weed seed invasion. To prevent the weed seeds (including rhizomes or tubers) invaded the lawn, lawn weed control is to obtain the basis of the initiative. The soil weed seed bank in a long life of weed seeds, which germinated weed seeds will be phased out gradually, stage hazards, reproductive stages, and potentially a threat to turf management. Before planting the lawn, the weeds should be used within the soil uptake and herbicide eradication, the initial floor space of 1 to 3 months, the warm season, and Kentucky bluegrass turf Ning 1 +38 with the number, or lawn Ning 1 + lawn rather deal with 42 will be closed, preventing the early weed invasion. Cool-season turf in the time intervals before sowing, with the lawn rather 5 or 9, sealing treatment, can also be used in lawn turf grass Ning 51 when closed treatment.
2. Turf early: bud prevention save energy. At this time the weeds are still small, more sensitive to the herbicides, pharmaceuticals Control in easy to work, the provincial drug worry saving. Warm-season turf grass and Kentucky bluegrass turf in early, with a lawn Ning No. 1, +38, or lawn + lawn Ning Ning 1, 42, sealing treatment, 1 for Control in the grass and annual broad-leaved grass, with 38 in sedge and broadleaf Control in grass for 42 germination of Control in roots or tubers of sedges, grasses and some broadleaf annual bud of grass. Efficacy can be extended to 10 days on even longer. Turf management with high levels of 3 to 4 times a year, the low level of management with a 1 or 2 times a year, can be kept weed control initiative. Cool-season turf grass in the early 51 with a lawn, or rather 71 closed treatment, with 2 to 4 times a year, the same access to the initiative Lawn Weed Control.
3. Growing: bud-based and postemergence. The lawn growing season, in a targeted manner with the Pharmacy Control in weeds. 2 Control in Nanjing with the lawn crabgrass, with 10 or 12 days Control in coriander, snow grass, with 5 or 12 for Control in the shamrock, with the No. 7 Control in sedge +71, with 11 Control in Three Golden, Verbena, chain pod beans. Meanwhile, the application of soil treatment agents to the soil closed. Hainan Dongshan Golf Course, Golf Course, Guangdong Zhaoqing, crabgrass is particularly serious, after repeated use of lawn spraying treatment Ning 2, so that the serious harm the lawn from crabgrass was rescued.
4. Passive Time: bud postemergence repeated addition. If weeds are a serious hazard, weeds should be jumping out of the circle, spraying the role of both bud weed postemergence weed control effect of another drug, every 2 to 3 months, spray once, for 2 to 3 times get rid of existing weeds, and soil control of weeds was also to get a lawn weed control initiative. Places with serious weeds, led by the nose if it is serious weeds, see the grass weeding, weeds will pull out and long, although you may be "long and pull" to achieve the "extermination" of the purpose, but some part-line Sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction such as water centipede grass, Cyperus rotundus and other weeds will pull more more. Stolons of some weeds such as days coriander, snow grass, crabgrass, etc. are not manually pull the net. Moreover, the weeds were pulled above ground, the ground will soon grow weed, may result in "passive step, step by step passive" situation. You know, the soil weed seed bank is a huge number, only the effective control of the soil in the germination of weed seeds, it fundamentally anti-except weeds.
In addition, careful weeding the lawn program development initiatives can focus on different parts of the types of lawn weeds, harmful levels and treatment goals, economic, rational and effective use of available human, material and financial resources, low-cost implementation, Science operation, to obtain better results. Most well-developed initiative without prior weeding program, temporary disorder, passive weed spraying, not only can not effectively control the weeds, you may also have a great waste.

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